5 Small Ways You Can Battle Bereavement by Dementia

It’s a gaping hole that seems to open wider the more you think about it. If your loved one is diagnosed with Dementia, it seems that they’re already gone even if you can still hold them. You can feel bereaved even though you’re sitting in front of them.

One in four Australians aged 85 years old and above are diagnosed with Dementia. The fast aging of the Baby Boomers generation is challenging the government’s pockets allotted for Dementia care. Dementia aged care policies and services to Dementia patients are just the tip—the real challenge is happening behind closed doors—at the roots.

Families and carers are scarred but fighting this emotionally costing epidemic. Spending time with them will be challenging. There are small, unlimited battles families need to conquer. Don’t battle this alone, though. In Australia, such as the aged care Peregian has today, includes services that have sensitive to treating Dementia.  Here’s how to eventually win in small but effective ways:

Know who’s the real enemy.

Dementia is used to describe a number of symptoms that affect memory, cognition, and language skills. It comes in many forms, so knowing what you’re fighting against is important. If your loved one starts to develop unpleasant behavior, remember that it’s their sickness that’s acting—not them. For instance, the Dementia care Peregian has today in Arcare includes considering the patient’s environment carefully to avoid stressors and emotional triggers. Once you realize that your loved one is just a recipient, their absence will not tug an emotional string, but a nurturing one.

Give them something to hold.

Some patients like to hold something in their hands. Some plushies help keep hands flexible.  Look for sensory stimulating toys that are soft enough for your loved one to squeeze with their hands. Some of the services that the aged care Peregian agencies offer ensure to eradicate anti-social behavior. Sharing toys and gadgets to other patients can be a good way to socialize. Visit their website at Aarcare

Lean on memories.

When in doubt, lean on the memories you made with them. Reminiscence Therapy (RT) uses the discussions of past events, photos, and music that are familiar to Dementia patients. Showing them old family photos might trigger nostalgia and might help them remember who they were. Look for old family photos, scan them, and upload them on social media sites for elderly like Seniorocity, ThirdAge, and Senior.com. Popular social media sites like Facebook might confuse them. The nursing services Peregian senior agencies offer these days are 24/7. You can ask the caregiver to include looking at old photos as a part of their daily activities.

Don’t give up. Be with them.

It’s hard to think straight if you’re agitated by your loved one’s aggression. Don’t worry, this is normal. However, make sure you forgive yourself and learn from your mistakes. If you’re in Peregian Springs, you can nurture your relationship by looking for a relationship-focused approach in communicating that aged care Peregian agencies offer today. In senior care agencies like Arcare, visiting anytime is also allowed.

Make the last days last.

The palliative care Peregian has today ensures that the services provided to the patient are to be discussed with the immediate family first. Your loved one’s last moments should include no one else but their families and trusted caregivers. Make them last by being present.

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