Allegations a Dishonest Claims Adjuster May Scheme Against You

The auto injuries you are assuming could earn you a handsome compensation. After gathering adequate information and any other important evidence, the compensation and settlement process should start. You need to know that a lawyer and the insurance claim adjusters are the main people who determine the outcome of your claim. While your auto accident lawyer fights for a big compensation, a dishonest insurance claims adjuster could work against it. However, all you may need to do is to listen to what Todd Peterson says about auto accident settlement amounts here. See some of the allegations a claims adjuster may use to fight your claim:


You were at fault during the car accident


Most accident sufferers find insurance claims adjusters friendly since they are willing to adjust the compensation to a certain amount. Such victims forget that the claims adjuster could be working against it from another end. The adjuster may allege that you caused the accident to either reduce your compensation or deny you completely. The good news is that these are tricks that most car accident lawyers are used to and they know how to outwit them. The only problem that may occur is when you decide not to listen to what a reputable auto accident lawyer such as Todd Peterson says about auto accident settlement amounts.


Your car wasn’t seriously damaged


Compensations are quantified based on the extent of damage incurred. When some insurance claims adjusters see that a car has been seriously damaged, they are not ready to compensate it. Some insist the compensation cost is high especially if the claimant hasn’t contributed an amount equal to what they demand. If you had parked your car somewhere by the time the accident occurred, the claims adjuster may even go ahead to find out if you had violated any of the parking lot laws Oregon has to offer.


You were injured or hurt somewhere else


When a claims adjuster is not willing to compensate your claim, they can do anything including what you hadn’t thought about. For instance, you may find an insurance claims adjuster alleging that the injuries you sustained had no connection with the accident. Nevertheless, your auto lawyer won’t allow them to go away with it. The lawyer knows where to get proof for their ill-timed allegations. That’s why a car accident victim should be keen on whatever Todd Peterson says about auto accident settlement amounts and take seriously whatever advice they may give. Todd Peterson, one of the best in Oregon, provided us great advice in realizing this article. You may as well contact him if you need help.


Your medication had a “gap”


It’s possible to hear the claims adjuster alleging that you never followed medication as the doctor had instructed. The “gap” refers to a period you never sought for the medication you ought to have gone for. All this is meant to make you liable for your misfortunes. If your personal injury lawyer Oregon firms provide is competent and experienced in dealing with such dishonest claims adjusters, you shouldn’t give up on the process.


Car accident victims ought to realize that some insurance claims adjusters aren’t willing to give in to every claim presented to them. They don’t want to give the company’s profit to someone in form of compensation. Their main objective is to pay something small or not to pay anything at all. On the other side, honest insurance claims adjusters would compensate you fully if your case is genuine. In fact, some claims adjusters would not argue with you on what Todd Peterson says about auto accident settlement amounts in your case or any trusted lawyer for that matter.

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