Finding a great house to occupy is never easy – there are a lot of things you need to consider including the facilities, social amenities and the neighborhood among other things. If you are looking at Wilston real estate in Queensland, Australia, for rent or purchase, then this article should give you a basic guide of what it’s like to live here.

wilston real estate

wilston real estate


Wilston is ranked the 154th best suburb in Brisbane providing a lavishly serene environment with character Queenslander houses. Residents have easy access to public transport and can enjoy cheap taxi service to the city which takes approximately a 25 minute drive to the city center (during peak hours). This makes it an ideal location for daily commuters to the CBD or anyone looking for a quick dash to the city.

Who lives here?

Most Wilston real estate owners are professionals like doctors, lawyers and marketers. The area is also occupied by singles, retirees and young couples. Basically, the Wilston village boasts of down to earth accommodative people who love the suburb lifestyle. There are a lot of working families with kids that comprise a community based environment.


This area is great for schools with the popular ones being St. Columba’s Primary and Wilston State School. Childcare facilities are also available for toddlers. In addition, the entire Wilston area is covered with high speed internet access for every home/property. There is also a couple of restaurants for a date night of early breakfast such as Citron, Tomato brothers and Thai Kitchen. You will also find ample parking in the area.

Finding a house

Whether you are looking for upgrading, downsizing or your first home, there are a lot of Wilston property for sale or rent that is suitable for you. All you need is a Wilston property manager that is well versed with the area and can provide you with the assistance you need. You can find such an agent by contacting styleproperty.com.au, providing the best Wilston property management.

Hope this helps.

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